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Stats: 4'11, 105lbs, all natural 34C boobs - 28 -33 , 29 years old in 2007

3/4 FIlipina and 1/4 Chinese, Loni (Punani) is in her late 20's and entered porn in Early 2002 after being honorably discharged from the US airforce after 3 years for sleeping with the girls. She was training to be a medical assistant before answering an ad of Jim Souths for adult models. Her first porn scene was with Don Fernando's Asian Dolls.

Loni was born in the Philipines and lives there until she was 12, then moved to Guam for two years and then the rest of her life in the United States.

She popped her anal cherry at 18 years old with her boyfriend, who thankfully knew what he was doing and wasn't a big guy, so she continues her anal adventures on camera.

Loni has dated guys but admits she falls in love with girls in a different way. She loves fucking for the camera & having people watch so much. After a brief courtship with Kimmy Kahn, Loni is now living with her girlfriend , caucasian Pornstar Pheonix Rae in Las Vegas. There was a point where Pheonix Rae decided to quit porn and join the army; she was gone for a brief while but came back to Las Vegas to be with Loni.

She does amazing hardcore anal scenes & rides like the wildest cowgirl. Signed for companies at the AVN Expo 2003, 2004 and 2005, did NOT see her there at the 2007 AVN Expo.

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